Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Atalisa Joy Milton

Atalisa Joy Milton welcomed the world June 2nd! Weighing 5 lbs 11ozs. and 17.5 inches long!

They took her to the NICU as she was a little blue, and they wanted to make sure everything was okay. She ended up having a little fluid in her lungs. The doctor said probably due to the fact that she came so fast (4.5 hrs start to finish after being induced). I guess they said that the contractions work all the fluid out of them, but since she came quickly it wasn't able to all get out.
First family picture!

Daddy's sweet girl!

Meeting Grandpa and Gramie for the first time! As well as her a few of her Aunts!

"Fearfully and wonderfully made!"

With her 'Pop-pop'! As his grandsons lovingly call him.
With Grandma

Home at last with our sweet baby girl!
Auntie Em enjoying holding her little niece!

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