Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Love of My Life

Two years ago today, the most amazing man asked me to marry him!! So glad I said YES!

Admiring the most beautiful ring! Stephen knew my taste and chose the perfect ring!


It was such an awesome moment having him ask me to marry me and slip the ring on my finger!

Anna and Kate came along and captured the special moment.

Both of them ice skating.

It was such a special day! One that I will never forget and always cherish! The beginning of a new adventure together!

I am so thankful for MY man! Who loves me for who I am even with all my faults and shortcomings. A man who thinks I'm beautiful without makeup and thinks I don't need to wear it (though I think otherwise).  Who cheers me up and makes me laugh when I'm down. Who thinks my cooking is the best! Who tells me he's thinking about me during the day and prays for me. For all the thoughtful ways in which he shows his love!

Being in love with your best friend is an amazing thing!

My husband knows how to open up my heart, and treasures me! He loves with all he has, works hard, and has the best sense of humor! We are always having a good time. He is always such a gentleman.

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  1. Happy Anniversary! That was quite the day to remember. Not only all the suspense as we awaited your surprise, but the adventures in the rain in Chicago were definitely unforgettable. Love you both! Keep looking up as you continue your beautiful love story together! <3