Saturday, September 1, 2012

Flying by...

I can't believe that I'm already at the halfway point in this pregnancy! Time sure has a way of flying! 

Moving to a different state in the middle of a pregnancy made things a little difficult in finding a doctor/midwife that would take our insurance and that still had openings for a January baby. I was getting a little discouraged after several calls and still no success. As always though the Lord provides in His perfect time, and Lord willing I have an appointment as soon as I get my medical records transferred over!

Here's a fun pregnancy questionnaire about my pregnancy so far.

How far along? 21 weeks 

Weight gain so far? 10 lbs.

Still wearing regular clothes? Still can fit most of my tops, but am loving the belly band to give me extra wear out of my bottoms. Also, looking forward to making some from this tutorial!

Have you heard the heartbeat?: YES! It is wonderful when you first get to hear their little heart beat! It really makes this new little life I'm carrying much more of a reality!

Stretch Marks? No, and hopefully we won't get any thanks to Arbonne's firming body cream! I love their products because as their motto states their products are "pure, safe, and beneficial"! I started my own buisness as an independent consultant and one of the perks is getting to use their amazing products! If you are interested let me know and I will be glad to get you more info!

Who do you think baby will look like? Don't know. Most people say Atalisa looks more like her daddy so hopefully the next one will look more like me :) But I love seeing how God combines two people and makes them into one new individual with a little from each!

What is your favorite thing about being pregnant? I love being pregnant! I love feeling the little life inside do their little gymnastics to let you know they are there!

Have you and dad felt baby move? Yes, I've felt baby move a lot earlier on this pregnancy, and love it! Our little baby is especially active at night whenever I lie down. I think Stephen has felt baby move about once so far.

When did you start to show? Around 14 weeks I'd say.

Happy or moody most of the time? Happy!

Do you have any cravings? Nope, not really this time around. Though with Atalisa I really craved watermelon for some reason. 

Any complications? Thankfully not so far.

Labor signs?: Nope

Symptoms: Starting to definitely look pregnant, getting some wonderful heartburn once in awhile too.

Wedding rings on or off? On

Best moment this week? We found an old house that we liked. We especially liked it because it is close to Stephen's work and it is in a really nice neighbor. It also has a really nice big back yard with some huge oak trees! We made an offer, but ended up pulling it because the whole house would need to be rewired, and we didn't want to deal with the expense of that right off. Since it was built in the 60's the electrical has no ground. 

There was only our offer on the house and a cash offer. We found out this week that the cash offer fell through, and they are considering fixing the electric if we resubmit our offer- which we did so we will see what happens! God is so faithful to us, and is maybe trying to save us some money. Cause we didn't change the offer amount but they would still fix the electrical. We will see whether this is the house He has for us or not. 
Who will help with baby after their born? Probably my wonderful mother or sisters will come to help out for a little bit. 
Have you bought anything for baby yet? Not yet. First hopefully will get to find out what we're having! If it's a girl thankfully I'll already have a lot of stuff!

Any days you wish you weren't pregnant?: No, for the most part I do really enjoy being prego. :) Near the end it starts to get a little uncomfortable, but that's probably God's way of getting us ready for labor.
Sleep? Been sleeping pretty well for the most part.

Looking forward to: Getting to find out what we're going to have!! We're so excited! 


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