Monday, October 29, 2012

My Little Big Motivator

I am very thankful for Atalisa for a million different reasons, but recently she has been my inspiration and motivation to stay on track especially as I start my day!

I usually will have my devotions with her in the morning. We'll pray and then I read a few chapters out loud from the Bible while she flips through her little pink Bible.

The other morning she was awake playing in our room while I tried to get a few more zzz's before getting up to start my day. It was one of those mornings where I felt very lazy, and really didn't want to get up. She woke me up by bring me my Bible and putting in right by my face saying, "Bibe, bibe". I knew I couldn't let her down-after all I do want to teach her that the Bible is the most important book! So I groggily pulled myself up, and am so thankful I did as we had a wonderful time in God's Word.

It's amazing how kids keep you accountable and motivated! I'm thankful that they thrive with consistency and regularity! She motivates me to keep being a good example--one that I wouldn't be ashamed if she emulated.

During this pregnancy I've been using the exercise DVD Mom's into Fitness . It has been a great exercise program that I can do while pregnant. Usually Aty will try to do it with me; it's so cute to watch her try to imitate the exercises! So many times she will go to my laptop (which is where we do the dvd), and say, "ice, ice" (her version of saying exercise) as she moves her arms up and down. She keeps me on track and is my little exercise companion!

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