Friday, February 1, 2013

Bria's birth story...

Well I am very thankful for how the Lord went before me with the birth of Bria!

I had many worries, doubts, and concerns as I really didn't know what to expect since I was induced with Aty. Really this was like my first experience in some regards. Would it be a smooth and quick delivery? Would I have a hard time pushing and tear? Would I go into labor at a weird time making it difficult for family to watch Aty for us? So many things that were going through my mind!

The Lord encouraged me while reading Ephesians in my devotions one morning:

"Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us." Eph 3:20

 I thought about what I was asking. The Lord could do exceeding abundantly above all that! WOW! What an amazing God we serve.

I had yet to see how He would do just that!
Admitted at 13:54 , Bria born at 14:00

The day Bria was born was Wednesday. I had a doctors appointment that morning, and they said not much had changed. I was still dilated to a three and 50% effaced. Which I had been since week 37, and I was now 40 weeks and 3 days. I told the doctor that I was feeling a little crampy-kind of how you feel before you get a period. He said that's a normal sign and labor would be soon, and said he'd probably see me over the weekend.

All day I was feeling crampy and rather uncomfortable. I talked to my mom and sister on the phone as they were wondering if there was any progress, and told them how I felt. I told them it would probably be soon.

Around 2:45 in the afternoon I texted Stephen and asked him what time he wanted me to get him from work as I had our car.

He said at 4:00.

I said, "ok." then texted, "Want to have a baby tonight?'

He texted: "Why?" Then called me and I told him I was just feeling kinda crampy and uncomfortable. He said, "why don't you  just come over now just in case."

I told him I was ok and had a few things I wanted to finish up.  After getting off the phone I did a few things in the kitchen. Then decided to make some Tapioca pudding as I was craving some. A few minutes into my pudding making I realize I'm actually having CONTRACTIONS and am having to stop and breath. 

Atalisa starts fussing asking for a drink. I tell her to wait as I'm leaning over one of our kitchen stools breathing through a contraction. After the contraction I quickly grab the diaper bag, and Aty.

As I'm heading out the door the thought crosses my mind to get our bags for the hospital, but I quickly dismiss it as there's no time. I put Atalisa in her car seat and start out. I get to the stop light just outside our neighborhood and am sitting there praying the light turns green as I breath through a contraction. It's 3:23.

I'm now thinking, "I should have listen to Stephen and left right away. Now I'm having contractions and need to drive over to get him."

Next contraction hits me and I look at my phone it's now 3:26. "Oh, great", I think to myself, "they are THREE minutes apart!" I'm praying that I make it.

After what seems like eternity I finally get to school. Thankfully, Stephen is waiting right in the parking lot. I quickly get out and tell him "we need to go to the hospital NOW!" He's cracking some jokes, but I tell him that it's serious.

Along the way we call the doctor and tell them we're heading to the hospital. They said they usually have you come to the office first, but under the circumstances we could continue to head to the hospital. We also call Nikki, Stephen's sister in-law, and ask her to meet us there to get Atalisa.

When we arrived at the hospital Stephen dropped me off at the door while he went to park the car, and get Atalisa out.

Inside the hospital the man at the front desk says, "you must be Christine Milton?" I nod in the affirmative as I am intensely breathing through a contraction. He tells me to go take the elevator to the second floor and make a left. I practically run to the elevator and push the button to head up. I'm waiting for it to come. The man comes over and tells me the elevator on the other side is ready. I quickly get in and on the way up the urge to push comes over me.

I get off the elevator, and head to the desk. The lady there says, "so you must be Christine Milton?" I nod. She tells me that they're going to check me out in triage before they move me to a room. I tell her, "I'm having the urge to push!" She says, "don't do that hunny!" She quickly calls the nurse over and I'm escorted to the triage area. The nurse handed me a hospital gown and told me she'd check me.

I flew into the gown and got on the cot. I knew she was coming soon! She checked me and quickly called for another nurse. Saying, "I have a fully dilated!" She wheeled me to the labor and delivery room and I got onto the bed. By the time the other nurse came in she said, "should I get an IV started?" The other nurse checks me, and says, "No, she's crowning!" As she hurriedly tries to get her gloves on to get ready to catch the baby. 

The doctor came in at pretty much the same time Stephen did. The doctor said, one big push and she'll be out." Stephen was holding Atalisa right beside me, and holding my hand. I gave one big push and out she came with a little kitten like cry letting the world know she's arrived!

We had been telling Aty that baby was in mommy's tummy, and when she saw baby Bria after she was born. Her reaction was "baby!!"

What relief! What joy to see the baby I've carried around with me for nine months! To admire the beautiful life that God has created! To meet our little addition to the family!

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