Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Welcome Spring!

Spring is springing here! It's amazing the things we miss of God's beautiful creation if we don't get close enough to see! There is such beauty in the little things.

I love spring! There are so many wonderful things about it. It means life returning to the dormant trees and grass. Flowers blooming once again. Warm sunshine and fresh life giving rain! Birds singing their happy sweet melodies! 

 Trees budding. Such beauty! What a creative and amazing God we serve!!

Beautiful flowering tree in our front yard! 

 I love yellow! Maybe cause it reminds me of the warm sunshine!

Budding forth with new life!

Enjoy some of the weather outside! Even if it's not quite as warm as it is here! There is such treasure in little things! It helps that I have a toddler who is now discovering the amazing outdoors! It's neat to see life through their eyes-everything is new, fascinating, and exciting! It only we could pick up on some of their energy and enthusiasm!!

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