Wednesday, May 29, 2013

This week ...

We've made homemade yogurt for the fifth time with success! Check out the recipe here.

We got a new mailbox! The old one was nasty, and has been on the replace list since we bought our home several months ago. It went from this:

To this! Before we put it in the ground.

Aty giving a double thumbs up! She was telling Stephen, "I like it Daddy!" Also, when she obeys or does the right thing we praise her and tell her, "good girl!" So as Stephen was painting she would tell him, "good girl Daddy!" or "I like it!" It was so cute!

We also got a slip 'n' slide. Aty was loving it! She loves anything to do with outside or water so the combination of the two had her so excited!

 We love cuddling or hugging our sister!

Sweet Bria is already trying to crawl! She was rolling over at three months, and now almost crawling at four and a half months! My baby is growing too fast! Guess she has to try to keep up with her sister!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Day by Day...

...The moments are flying by! Pretty soon the diapers, the times where our sleep has been disturbed, the messes, the coos, the cuddles, the baby laughs and grins will all have past, and all we will be left with is the precious memories!

I love every moment with my sweet girls! It's a little saddening seeing them grow up, but at the same time fun when they get to be at the stage where they are more interactive and you can see more of their personalities. I'm learning to just savor and cherish every single moment!

 Aty loves doing everything with me! She's my little laundry helper! Which right now consists of us taking all the laundry out of the basket, and then putting it all back in!

 It's so sweet to see them loving on each other.
 Though Bria has the look on her face sometimes like..."Mom, you're really letting her do this to me?"

Loving these sweet smiles!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A "Berry" special day!

We got to go berry picking! We had a blast! Atalisa LOVED picking or EATING them mostly!!
 A cute little strawberry they had for the kids to pose by!

 Picking! Aty's always loved strawberries so I think she thought it was pretty neat to see where the strawberries actually come from!


 Bria had the fun seat! Enjoying the strawberry patch from her perch with daddy.

 Daddy picked a few too!

                                                                        Almost full!

                                                               A heart shaped berry.

                                                             Picking with Aunt Missy!

 Examining the goods!

                               ...and more EATING! She ate SOOOOO many berries!

 My sister, Missy and her hubby, Stephen came up to pick with us! We had such a great time with them!!

                                             With some of the berries they picked!!

                                                         A fun day at the berry patch!!

 Enjoying the delicious strawberries with waffles and cream the next morning!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

My Mother

 Happy Mother's DAY!


How  very thankful I am for my mother!!

The one who has taught me so much. Who has been an amazing example that I can follow. Who has worked to instill in each of her children a love for the Lord and His Word! Who exhorted and encouraged us daily to do the right thing, and follow the right way. Who has shown sacrifice and love more than anyone I know.

I am grateful for a virtuous, wise mother whose children truly "rise up and call her blessed"! 

This is a sweet poem that is a wonderful depiction of a good mother. 

My Mother

Who sat and watched my infant head
When sleeping on my cradle bed,
And tears of sweet affection shed?
My Mother.

When pain and sickness made me cry,
Who gazed upon my heavy eye,
And wept for fear that I should die?
My Mother.

Who taught my infant lips to pray
And love God’s holy book each day,
And walk in wisdom’s pleasant way?
My Mother.

And can I ever cease to be
Affectionate and kind to thee,
Who wast so very kind to me,
My Mother?

Ah, no! the thought I cannot bear,
And if God please my life to spare
I hope I shall reward they care,
My Mother.

When thou art feeble, old and grey,
My healthy arm shall be thy stay,
And I will soothe thy pains away,
My Mother.

Ann Taylor

I'm blessed to have a mother like this!

Being a mother is an amazing, wonderful responsibility and privilege! Until you've experienced it there's really no way to describe the awesomeness of it!!

Holding YOUR baby in your arms for the first time, realizing that they are the combination of you and the man you love!

Having them look at you with such trusting, loving eyes. Feeling their soft, sweet smelling skin. Seeing their little itty bitty fingers, ears, lips, and nose. Realizing how God made them in nine short months to be the perfect beautiful baby! Oh the miracle of it all!

 Sure there are days where not all is such bliss. Days where it's not easy. Days where you feel like quitting. Times where you need plenty of sacrifice. Times where you need to be everywhere, and moments where it would be nice to be nowhere. Moments where you need the patience of a saint.

But the good thing is that it stretches us. Makes us dependent on God.

I never realized just how much I need the Lord as I have along the journey of motherhood. Children have so many needs...physically, emotionally, educationally, and spiritually. Each need causes me to draw closer to God. Asking Him for wisdom, and seeking Him to guide me and teach me.

My bundle of energy!

Love sweet kisses from them!
I pray that I may be a godly, virtuous mother and teach my children to love each other and mostly LOVE the Lord! Serving HIM with their WHOLE HEART!!