Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A "Berry" special day!

We got to go berry picking! We had a blast! Atalisa LOVED picking or EATING them mostly!!
 A cute little strawberry they had for the kids to pose by!

 Picking! Aty's always loved strawberries so I think she thought it was pretty neat to see where the strawberries actually come from!


 Bria had the fun seat! Enjoying the strawberry patch from her perch with daddy.

 Daddy picked a few too!

                                                                        Almost full!

                                                               A heart shaped berry.

                                                             Picking with Aunt Missy!

 Examining the goods!

                               ...and more EATING! She ate SOOOOO many berries!

 My sister, Missy and her hubby, Stephen came up to pick with us! We had such a great time with them!!

                                             With some of the berries they picked!!

                                                         A fun day at the berry patch!!

 Enjoying the delicious strawberries with waffles and cream the next morning!

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