Friday, May 24, 2013

Day by Day...

...The moments are flying by! Pretty soon the diapers, the times where our sleep has been disturbed, the messes, the coos, the cuddles, the baby laughs and grins will all have past, and all we will be left with is the precious memories!

I love every moment with my sweet girls! It's a little saddening seeing them grow up, but at the same time fun when they get to be at the stage where they are more interactive and you can see more of their personalities. I'm learning to just savor and cherish every single moment!

 Aty loves doing everything with me! She's my little laundry helper! Which right now consists of us taking all the laundry out of the basket, and then putting it all back in!

 It's so sweet to see them loving on each other.
 Though Bria has the look on her face sometimes like..."Mom, you're really letting her do this to me?"

Loving these sweet smiles!!

1 comment:

  1. Adorable pictures,Chrissy. Precious memories. :)
    You are such a wonderful mommy to your girls.
    Love, Missy