Wednesday, May 29, 2013

This week ...

We've made homemade yogurt for the fifth time with success! Check out the recipe here.

We got a new mailbox! The old one was nasty, and has been on the replace list since we bought our home several months ago. It went from this:

To this! Before we put it in the ground.

Aty giving a double thumbs up! She was telling Stephen, "I like it Daddy!" Also, when she obeys or does the right thing we praise her and tell her, "good girl!" So as Stephen was painting she would tell him, "good girl Daddy!" or "I like it!" It was so cute!

We also got a slip 'n' slide. Aty was loving it! She loves anything to do with outside or water so the combination of the two had her so excited!

 We love cuddling or hugging our sister!

Sweet Bria is already trying to crawl! She was rolling over at three months, and now almost crawling at four and a half months! My baby is growing too fast! Guess she has to try to keep up with her sister!

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