Saturday, June 15, 2013


Here is a fun list of 50 things we are going to try to do this summer! Even though it's not officially summer yet we got a head start and have done a few of these already!!

Visit the Playground—have gone several times! It’s Aty’s new favorite place!
Go to the Zoo
Go Swimming
Build a Sandcastle
Pick Strawberries
Make Chocolate Chip cookies
Go to the Beach
Drink Freshly Squeezed Lemonade
Play in the Dirt—maybe plant some flowers in the bed in front of our house.
Make a Berry Cobbler

Go on a Picnic
Campout—have already gone once! Looking forward to more campouts!
Make Clover Necklaces
Watch Fireworks
Play in the sprinkler
Make Homemade Ice Cream
Eat Ice Cold Watermelon Outside
Road Trip-Heading to visit both of our parents, and hopefully all my siblings! Which gets harder to dowith married brothers and sisters that live in different states! So looking forward to seeing them all!
Play on the Slip ‘n Slide
Build a Fire and Eat S’mores

Blow Dandelions
Movie Night
Go on A Hike
Eat Strawberry Shortcake
Go Bowling
Family Game Night
Make Popsicles
Cookout with Friends
Play Hopscotch
Homemade Play dough

Fly Kites
Build Indoor Fort
Throw Frisbees
Treasure Hunt on the beach
Fondue Dinner
Draw with Sidewalk Chalk
Farmer’s Market—got some great deals on fresh produce!
Make Paper Airplanes
Play Cornhole
Star Gaze

Blow Bubbles
Root Beer Floats
Watch Clouds
Go to a Baseball Game—gone to a few so far!
Ride bikes as a Family—now that we just bought some bikes on Craig’s list we can. Just need a trailer now to pull our girlies!
Roast hotdogs—not the most nutritious food, but can’t get enough hotdogs in the summer!
Play with Water balloons
Make mud pies!
Go to a Museum
Piggy back rides 

ILove Summer!! Looking forward to making some fun memories this summer!!

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