Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy bithday to the Love of my life!

To a wonderful man! 
Who has become my whole world! Who isn't perfect (thank God), but is perfect for me! He is the man who makes me smile-He is the one who makes me laugh! 
The one I can be myself around. The one who test tastes all my creations.
Who sometimes is crazy, but tells me he is so crazy about me!
Who loves to cuddle up with me and watch an old movie, who is obsessed with baseball, and has me loving going to a ball game! The one who is just as content as I am spending the day together working in the yard or relaxing together on a walk. Talking together. Planning, or playing with our sweet girls. How I love doing everything-Together- with MY MAN!
To the one who doesnt seem to ever complain. Who has endless patience.
 Who always encourages me. Who understands me. 
He is my best friend, and the one Id rather be with than anyone else! I’m so thankful for my awesome man, and that God brought him into my life!! 
Happy birthday to my husband!

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