Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Life From a Little One's Perspective!

Putting Aty to bed and she starts playing with my ear. {Side note: She loves ears! Not sure what her attraction to them is, but when Bria was born she would just sit and stroke her ears. Weird, I know, but Bria's ears are very soft.} Anyway, she says, "Mommy, is your ear an octagon?" "No, I hope not." My silly girl!

Aty got on her little bike then tells me, "Mommy, I going bye bye. I need hug." I give her a hug. She then says, "I need kiss." I give her a kiss. Then she says, "give me high five! "

We wake up and it's an overcast day. Aty says, "Mommy it's going to rain today."

Atalisa picking up her toys on the floor says, "Go Aty, Go Aty!"

We were driving to my sister's and Atalisa was getting sleepy, as she's drifting off and her eyes are closing she says, "choco-late, chocooolate." Then is fast asleep! She loves her chocolate!

Atalisa took the whisk attachment from my kitchen aid and started strumming it like it was a guitar! Think we have a musician on our hands! She loves music!!

Having devotions with Atalisa one morning. I started telling her the story of the Children of Israel crossing the Red Sea, and attempted to draw her a picture of the story. I told her, "all the people came to the water and it was too deep for them to cross, and the bad men of Pharoah's army were chasing them." She says, "they could swim?!" It always amazes me how much they understand, and motives me to be faithful in having devotions with them!

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