Monday, December 2, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving {A Little Late}!

I thought since this is a time of year where we especially show gratefulness and thanks, I would list things that I am grateful for for each day of the month!

1. Thankful for a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
We all have sinned...done things we should not have. I'm so thankful Jesus Christ came into the world, died for our sins, and rose again on the third day, and is now in heaven! Do you know where you are going to go when you die? You can know and can have a wonderful relationship with Jesus Christ!

2. Grateful for God's constant faithfulness! How He unexpectedly provides at just the right times! Using the generosity of friends to meet a need.

3. Thankful for friends sending the blessing of beautiful clothes handed down for Atalisa and Bria!

4. Blessed beyond measure to have the wonderful husband that I do! A strong leader, who is Loving,Compassion, Patient, Humble, Loves His Lord, Stands up for what is right, Understands me like no one else, is so caring and thoughtful, and mostly has his priorities right! I'm so glad he is always spending time with me and his little girlies! Makes my heart glad to see and here him laughing and playing with them!

5. Thankful for a warm house on these cold mornings!

6. Thankful for the wonderful parents Stephen and I both have! So grateful for their godly example of putting God first in their lives, their selfless love to each other and each of their children! For exhorting us "to love and good works".

7. Thankful for candles burning, and the warm, homey atmosphere they help create!

8. Thankful for good deals! Love getting good coupons!! Especially when it's $10 off any purchase!

9. Thankful for the light above my sink in our kitchen! A friend commented on how nice it was to have a light. I said I wasn't crazy about the fixture ...kinda ugly and generic for me. She said, "at least you can be glad you have one". It's all a matter of perspective! Definitely  makes cleaning the dishes so much easier because I can see what I'm doing!

10.  Clean sheets. I know it sounds crazy, but especially having traveled abroad it makes me very thankful to go to bed with the wonderful smell of clean sheets!

11. Thankful for God's Word that is spiritual food that we need for each day! Oh how we need it each and every day to keep us from sin, and and on the straight and narrow!

12. For our beautiful girlies! How they brighten our days, and constantly make us laugh! It is a privilege to be their parents! It is sweet to see how much they love each other, even though they sometimes need a little help learning to share and be kind! :) They make the best playmates!

13. For the amazing, constant goodness of the Lord to us! I'm alway humbled and overwhelmed that he loves and cares for us in such a personally way!

14. For our house, and the wonderful year we've had here! For the miracle of how we got it, and how God knew the perfect house we'd need! After seven different offers not being accepted we definitely knew it was the Lord that orchestrated us getting our home sweet home!

15. For family- and the love and unity that we have {which we owe to the Lord, and our parents who made it a priority!}

16. The wonderful vacuum cleaner my husband spotted at a garage sale for $10! Probably originally over $200! Does a great job keeping our carpets clean.

17. For the Beautiful 70 degree day that we had today! Definitely makes you even more grateful when it's been cold for a while! Love the amazing fall smell, and being able to have our windows open!

18. For friends and church family we can fellowship with!

19. For safety and protection! The mercies of God are new every day! Great is His faithfulness!

20. For pinterest, and the creativity it inspires! Had to get this one in here! :)

21. For our beautiful backyard that reminds me of the country even though we live in a neighborhood... With it's gorgeous big trees and the birds that sweetly sing!

22. For the ability to travel to see family!

23. While a lot of the world doesn't even have access to clean running water; I'm thankful for not only clean running water, but hot water!

24. Thankful for herbs and essential oils! God is such an amazing Creator!

25. That we can experience all of our senses! The ability to taste a delicious meal, to touch my sweet baby's soft skin, to see a beautiful sunset with my love, to smell apple cider simmering, and hear happy birds chirping!

26. Thankful for the holidays! A time to be thankful and remember! A time to relax! A time to enjoy family and good food! A time to make special memories!!

27. For health. Something we often take so for granted!

28. Thankful for our grandparents, and that we have the privilege of knowing them! Enjoyed spending Thanksgiving with Stephen's grandparents in Florida! Special times!

29.Technology to communicate with those we love that are far away. 

30. CHRISTmas {which will be here before we know it}!

Now off to deck the halls!

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