Monday, June 9, 2014

HaPpY BiRtHdAy AtY!!!

We Love our sweet Aty girl! Atalisa has grown up so much! She is mommy's little helper and loves doing everything I do! She has such a love for the things of God and constantly wants to learn more about Him! Whenever we forget to read the Bible to them she will remind us! 

It is definite motivation to diligently teach her about God during these formidable years! 

She is strong yet sensitive, more cautious and reserved initially when meeting people, but is very comfortable when she knows them, she loves learning new things and being around people. 

She loves to pretend and be a princess, and is all about pretty tea things!

This year we had a fun water theme party along with a friend who's birthday is a week after hers! It was such a fun gorgeous day with family and friends!

Beach cupcakes

Yummy food!

Flip flop cookies!

The spread!

Fish bowl jello

Water fun!
The kids all loved the slip and slide! 


Sweet Bria!

Cousin Evelyn!

Singing "happy birthday"!

Blowing out the candle 

She put a balloon under her shirt and said she had a baby in her tummy Just like mommy! 

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