Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Day planners and Accountability

Ever have those days where you know you have a ton to do, but just can't seem to focus and accomplish what needs to be done?

One thing that I was struggling with was being consistent in my daily devotions. I knew I needed to be in the Word, but either couldn't find the time or really when it came down to it didn't make the time because I would make time for Pinterest, or other trivial things. I was feeling the need to get in the Word daily, feeling guilty when I wasn't...

When my sister came and spent a week with us earlier in the summer things changed.

We had such a fun time...doing home projects, taking long walks, wonderful sister talks, shopping, and making yummy food! 

She bought me a Franklin Covey day planner at the beginning of the year which I was so excited about, but had been without one for so long that I was out of the habit of using one. Till Anna came! We decided to be accountable to each other and share our planner pages.  

We will text each other in the evening our days and what we have planned for the next day. It has been so wonderful to be accountable plus I have the added benefit of knowing what's going on in her life, and having a closer relationship with her!! I would definitely encourage you to find someone close to be accountable to in some way! Whether it's just to remind each other to be in the Word, or whether it's to do more than that; you both will benefit from it greatly!!

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