Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Christmas Highlights

We had such a wonderful holiday season! I love being able to visit family and spend time together!!  Our travels took us over about 2500 miles! But it was definitely worth all the driving to see our dear family!!

The girls and Robert did such a good job traveling! Thanks mostly to the fact that we travel at night which makes it SOOO much easier! My hubby is amazing when it comes to driving...he'll turn on an audiobook or music and go! I usually only end up driving a couple hours for the last leg in the morning!

We Celebrated Christmas a little early with Stephen's family because of traveling! Such fun times with everyone! Blessed to have married into such an awesome family!

This was Robert and Titus' first Christmas!! So fun to have new little babies around! 

 When we got to my family's we sang Christmas carols which is a tradition started by my grandparents! We also sing some of their German favorites! Special memories!

Fun times together!

The last day we got some snow and were able to go for a sleigh ride, and the girls got to build a snowman!!

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