Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Atalisa was talking with me about everyone in our family's hair. She said, "I have straight hair, and Bria has curly hair, and mommy has curly hair." I then said, "and daddy has straight hair." She quickly interjected, "no, daddy has poky hair."

I was doing a exercise dvd. The instructor said, "come on ladies, keep it up!" Aty said, "we're not ladies we're mommy's children!"

Before Robert was born the girls were so eager to meet him! They would always ask when he would come out. I told them when God was finished making him he would come out. Shortly after he was born Aty asked me, "God is done with Robert so he came out?" I said, "yes." She thought for a moment then asked, "will he have to go back in your tummy when it's time for him to get teeth?" I said, "no," and explained how the rest of his growing and developing would be outside of my tummy, thankfully!

Aty brought me a plate of play food. I started to pretend to eat it. She stopped me and said,  "mommy, you need to eat over your plate." 

Bria hearing Robert crying when he woke up said, "Robby, I coming, Robby, I coming!" As she ran quickly to him! So sweet to see how she loves her brother!

We usually will travel at night as it is much easier with the kids. After traveling all night when we were coming back from visiting family during the holidays Atalisa woke up and saw the sun rising. She exclaimed, "Mommy, Jesus turned the lights on so we can play now!"

These precious girls sure do crack us up!

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