Thursday, December 10, 2015


Aty was feeding Robert blueberries and his feet and hands were kicking and wiggling excitedly as he waited for another one, and she says, "patience buddy, patience!" Wonder where she's heard that before! 😊

We went to visit daddy at work! As we climbed the stairs to his office Bria noticed some paint that was peeling a little on the wall. She said in a concerned tone, "daddy, the wall has a boo, boo...I kiss it!"

Atalisa shortly after my birthday asked, "Mommy, how old are you now?" I told her and she then eagerly exclaimed, Mommy, that means you're close to 100!" Oh my! I guess with each passing birthday I do get closer to 100! 😂😁

Bria out on our back deck says, "Mommy, look what a big spider!" I told her it was a daddy long leg. She said, "No, I think it's a mommy long leg." Silly girl!

As we're waiting in the turn lane coming out of our neighborhood Aty sees a corvette coming the opposite direction. She says, 
"Mommy, that's a cool car!"
Me: "Yep, daddy would agree!" 
Aty (excitedly): "Maybe you can get it for my birthday!" 
😂 She has expensive taste! 😜

Robert LOVES balls! He can spot one before anyone else! When we start getting close to the gym he recognizes where we're at and right away starts saying, "baw, baw!"

Atalisa looking at a book points to a skunk, and says, "he stinks cause he forgot to take a bath!"

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