Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Aty: "Mommy I'm gonna help you (pauses)...because you're doing it wrong."

Aty and Bria pretending they are King and princess. Aty says to Bria who is the "King". "Show me your muscles because kings are strong." She then giggles..."I'm  laughing because I like your muscles." 

Bria: "I can't find my boots mommy, somebody stealed them!" 

Aty: "Mommy, I want to buy something!" 
Me: "You want to buy something with your money?"
Aty: "No, I want to buy something with Daddy's money!"

Bria: "I tooted...(giggling) that's so icky!" 

Aty after I came back in from filling the van with gas..."mommy, did it swallow up all the gas?" 

Bria talking to Robert: "I love you buddy, but I'm teasing you."

Aty was talking on her pretend little phone when she dropped it. She picked it up quickly, and said, "whew, not even a scratch!"

Love these crazy fun kiddos so much!! ❤️

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